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Starbucks Takes Filipinos on a Coffee Exploration Journey

Global coffee brand holds first-ever Coffee Appreciation Festival in the country

2015 Starbucks Philippines Coffee Ambassador Pao Legaspi demonstrating latte art

In a mission to share their passion for coffee to more Filipinos, Starbucks Philippines conducted their first Coffee Appreciation Festival on April 2 and 3 at the Grand Atrium, Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong City. Attended by more than 2,400 registered participants, the festival celebrated the exquisite Starbucks coffee experience.

Divided into three parts – the journey of the bean, coffee tasting experience and Starbucks Reserve coffee experience – the exploration journey dissected the history of coffee, its origins, how it’s made and its flavor nuances.

“The number of attendees is really overwhelming. It’s a pleasant surprise for us to know that a good number purposely went to the event and most who came here stayed for at least an hour just learning about coffee,” said Keith Cole, Starbucks Philippines head of marketing.

Each part of the journey equipped the participants with knowledge on the world’s second most valuable commodity in the world next to oil. The first part, the journey of the bean let the participants delve deeper on the history of coffee and learn about its types and unique qualities based on the type of beans, region they were grown, processing method and roasting process.

“For the journey of the bean exhibit, we really did not expect that the people would be curious enough to ask a lot of questions about coffee. We’re very happy that they showed curiosity and love to our passion which is coffee,” said Starbucks Global Coffee Master Ana Mendoza who was tasked to explain the history of coffee.

Participants then enjoyed developing their coffee tasting skills through smelling, slurping, locating the taste and describing the experience. They were also treated to a simple yet delectable coffee and food pairing activity to highlight the coffee’s flavor nuances, particularly the Colombia’s nutty flavor and Caffe Verona’s chocolatey flavor.

“My favorite part would be the coffee pairing. It makes you appreciate the coffee more. It’s fun to know that certain food would actually match or enhance the flavor of coffee. I think this would help people to choose their orders the next time they visit the shops,” said enthusiast Kyla Hermo.

To complete the coffee tasting experience leg of the activity, participants learned about two home brewing methods and how these methods affect the taste of the coffee. In this part, the Starbucks Global Coffee Masters also shared the four fundamentals of brewing coffee such as water, proportion, type of grind and freshness of the beans.

Starbucks Global Coffee Masters also shared the rare, exotic and exquisite single-origin coffees of Starbucks Reserve®. These coffees are sourced from small-scale farms and are limited in availability.

“When we saw the announcement on Facebook, we decided to go right away. It’s our first time to go to a coffee appreciation event and we find it very fun and informative,” said enthusiast Lady Salvoza.

In addition, 2015 Starbucks Philippines Coffee Ambassador Pao Legaspi artfully demonstrated how to make latte art and even allowed some to try it. Coffee artist Ella Hipolito also did a live painting demonstration using coffee at the festival on Sunday afternoon.

“We are very happy that we are able to share our passion for coffee and the attendees really showed interest in it. We’d love to do this again sometime in the future to bring love and appreciation for coffee closer to more Filipinos,” said Cole.