Starbucks Opens Newest Reserve® Store Featuring Masterpieces by Filipino Artist Patrick Cabral

From their carefully-handcrafted beverages, down to their beautifully-designed interiors, Starbucks has immersed its customers in artistry in every cup and every corner of its stores. The global coffee brand has championed craftsmanship in everything that they do and firmly believe in expressing their love for coffee creatively and genuinely. 

Starbucks once again shows its passion for coffee and craftsmanship as it opens the first Starbucks Reserve® store to display the masterpieces of renowned and multi-talented Filipino artist, Patrick Cabral. 

Exploring and excelling in everything, from flash design to calligraphy, Cabral constantly reinvents himself and is passionately curious about art in all its forms while staying true to his distinct maximalist style. 

One of his most recent ventures which gained him international acclaim was his Endangered Species collection, a series of multi-layered paper sculptures of 11 of the world’s threatened species. In contrast to its fragile, lace-like designs, the collection was created with a strong purpose—to shed light on the issue of at-risk animals while a portion of the sales was donated to the cause.

With his artworks gaining local and international recognitions, Patrick Cabral was also chosen as one of the ambassadors for Starbucks’ “New Strong” campaign which celebrated modern-day strengths while empowering individuals to break away from the mold and find their own definition of ‘strong’.  As an ambassador, he created a stunning paper cut typography piece for the campaign.

Sharing the same passion and values with Cabral, Starbucks gladly partnered once again with the young visionary in creating stunning masterpieces for its newest Starbucks Reserve® store at SM North Towers in Quezon City. A visual storytelling of the origin of each Starbucks coffee, the walls of this new Reserve® store displays impressive and intricate paper cuts of the animals symbolic to the coffee-growing regions – the Sumatran Tiger for Asia Pacific, the Kenyan Elephant for Africa, and the Guatemalan Quetzal Bird for Latin America – made through Cabral’s precise and perfect strokes. 



Aside from the masterpieces mounted on its walls, Starbucks continues to display craft and artistry within the Reserve® store by further elevating coffee experiences through the Black Eagle espresso machine, as well as bold, innovative offerings like the recently-launched Reserve® ice cream and espresso beverages.

Visit the Starbucks Reserve® store at the SM North Towers and delight in a visual and tasteful experience.