Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival Elevates Filipino Coffee Experience

Coffee innovations, tastings, and experiences abound at Starbucks Philippines Coffee Appreciation Festival.

Coffee is one of the world's most favorite beverages, and last June 10 to 11, thousands of coffee enthusiasts deepened their love for this special brew as they explored the world of coffee at the second Starbucks Philippines Coffee Appreciation Festival.



The event which took place at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center in Makati allowed participants to learn more about coffee through interactive displays and exhibits, coffee tastings and other coffee-related activities that engaged and entertained the attendees. Starbucks Global Coffee Masters also manned every station, guiding coffee lovers through the journey of the coffee bean.


Starbucks Kape Vinta Blend™


"This event aims to give our customers an in-depth look into coffee and the myriad of things that contribute to its flavor," said Keith Cole, marketing head for Starbucks Coffee Philippines. "We hope to share how the coffee bean travels from locations around the world and the process it goes through to reach our cups. Through the things they experienced and learned here at the Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival, we hope that our customers can get the most out of their coffee experience."


The public had an introductory lesson on the journey a coffee bean takes from the farm where it is planted, cultivated, and harvested, to our cups through the From Bean to Cup exhibit. The interactive exhibit started with an explanation of how the coffee is planted, from its seed until it turns into a coffee cherry and then eventually harvested and processed. It also endeavored to explain how the beans are roasted which contributes to the development of a distinct coffee flavor.


Starbucks Global Coffee Master Camz discussing the difference of each Starbucks Roast.

Attendees were also transported to some of the most exotic coffee destinations in the world through Geography is a Flavor, which focused on the distinct flavors of coffee beans which hail from Latin America, Africa and Arabia, as well as Asia Pacific including the Philippines. Through the coffee tastings, participants learned about the distinct characteristics of coffee beans that come from various locations in the coffee belt, a geographical region near the equator where coffee is known to flourish.


Starbucks Global Coffee Master Ecko discussing the coffee flavors per region.

Customers were also given a glimpse of new brewing methods and unique product concepts through Coffee Innovations. Here, the public learned about some of the groundbreaking techniques that are changing how we enjoy coffee—from Cold Brew, where coffee is steeped in water for up to 48 hours to extract its flavor, to sparkling beverages, where coffee and lemonade are combined and then carbonated to create a truly unique drinking experience. Participants were also able try the Starbucks

VIA® Latte which combines natural dairy and 100% Arabica coffee for the experience one can enjoy anytime, anywhere in an instant. 


New brewing methods such as the Chemex and Siphon were also showcased. The Chemex uses the pour-over method and a glass decanter which produces the cleanest cup with complex flavors. This is achieved by immersing ground coffee beans in hot water and then filtering it. Meanwhile, the Siphon uses vapor pressure created by boiling water which pushes water upward to brew coffee on the top globe, then filtered coffee cascades back down into a glass carafe. This process makes a cup with well-defined flavors.



Starbucks Global Coffee Master Jasper discussing the Siphon brewing method.

And to pique the interest of everyone, the event also showed how coffee can be used even in art through Coffee Beyond the Cup. Easels with artwork made from coffee were placed at the center of the event area. These artworks were created by Ella Hipolito and Rev Cruz who also led coffee painting workshops for both days.



Participants of the second Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival found the event insightful. "It was such a unique experience that was informative and enjoyable. This is such a great way to learn how the flavors of coffee come to be," Eda Dayo said.


Participants during the coffee tasting.


Coffee lovers gained a deeper understanding and passion for coffee. "It was so much fun, I appreciate that this experience added to my knowledge about coffee. It's really interesting to know that the geography as well as the elevation of where the coffee was cultivated plays a large role in its flavor," Lala Yatco added.


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