Starbucks cools off summer’s heat with its latest refreshing beverages

The sun, sand and sea will have to wait for now, but everyone can still go on a flavor adventure this season as Starbucks launches its new range of refreshing summer beverages. The Starbucks Tea-ology handcrafted beverages derive from a careful study of tea-making, featuring a variety of tea-forward assortments with real fruit inclusions. This new lineup of iced Teavana™ blends are well-crafted with layers of invigorating and sophisticated aroma, and are available for delivery  and take-out in select stores starting May 4.

Feel the true essence of the summer days with the Tropical Triple Citrus, which cleverly combines a blend of three kinds of orange juices and Teavana™ Emperor’s Cloud & Mist green tea, complemented by slices of real grapefruit, lemon and orange.
Feeling hot and itching to get out to hit the beach but can’t for now? You’ll definitely feel much better as Starbucks takes you to your favorite beach getaway with just a sip of their new Peach Cloud with Jelly beverage. Imagine the heat of the sun being quelled with the taste of the refreshing combination of white peach juice, Teavana™ Emperor’s Clouds & Mist green tea, peach jelly and real diced white peaches. This yummy and refreshing beverage is topped with velvety white peach cold foam for a “peach-perfect” finish.  
Are you thinking about it now — fine white sands, a cool breeze and vast clear turquoise blue waters? The only thing that will complete the picture is an utterly thirst-quenching and sun-sational tropical beverage. The new Starbucks Mango Matcha Freeze is an icy smooth Teavana™ Matcha combined with mango and passionfruit juices, with a scoop of mango jelly made with chunks of real mango fruit.
Now for those who just miss those rich flavors of tea added with milk, Starbucks also has something to offer. The new Oolong Jelly Matcha Royale combines the rich flavors of Teavana™ Matcha latte with fresh milk, served over ice then topped with oolong tea jelly for a satisfying finish.
But what if you have other options for tea and coffee? Starbucks has just the right beverage in the new Sangria Hibiscus Cold Brew. This exciting beverage blends the smooth texture and naturally sweet flavor of Starbucks Signature Cold Brew with Teavana™ Hibiscus Tea, bringing pleasant floral scents, then topped with real mixed berries and an orange slice. This is truly a different offer all coming from Starbucks this summer. 
The Starbucks Tea-ology beverages are available in Grande size and iced format — for only ₱175 each. It comes in a variety of unique and colorful reusable cups that truly emphasize the vibrant colors of the fun combination beverages offered.