Art in lifestyle pieces: Introducing the Starbucks x Patrick Cabral merchandise collection

MANILA, June 2020 - Starbucks has always dedicated space for art to grow. From housing artworks inside its stores to incorporating them into various lifestyle pieces, Starbucks collaborates with like-minded artists all over the world to design unique pieces that become part of one’s everyday journey.
As it works toward inspiring and nurturing the human spirit one cup at a time, Starbucks relies on the power of art in allowing people to tell their stories. Collaborating with a local artist for merchandise for the very first time, Starbucks partners with world-renowned, multi-disciplinary artist Patrick Cabral in a collection that draws inspiration from the Sarimanok, a mythical bird of the Maranao people from Mindanao. The collection will be available in Starbucks stores starting June 9th.

Patrick Cabral Article

Cabral shares his passion for incorporating local themes into his maximalist designs. “Sarimanok has always been my favorite local mythical figure. While my work is mainly focused on the theme of environment conservation, I also feel that protecting cultural heritage is of equal importance,” said Cabral.
The collection presents a new touch to the Sarimanok. As an emblem often posed in vibrant colors, Patrick Cabral thought of adopting metallic gold and silver shades to communicate its ethereal charm. “The goal is to still make it look magical even without all the colors.” 
When asked how he came up with the elements and intricacies of his designs for this collaboration, Patrick said that this is basically how his 3D sculptures would look if they were flat. He also took this chance to pay homage to his previous pursuit which was calligraphy, adding that some nuances on the illustration that would look like details one would usually see on calligraphic works.
The Starbucks x Patrick Cabral designer collection includes an assortment of drinkware and lifestyle pieces comprising a Double Wall Mug, 12oz. (₱1,295), Stainless Steel Tumbler, 16oz. (₱1,595), Acrylic Tumbler, 16oz. (₱895), and LOQI Bag (₱595). It also presents a Starbucks x Patrick Cabral Paper Card, the first Starbucks card in collaboration with a local designer, which is available for an initial activation amount of only ₱1,000.
In 2018, Patrick Cabral was one of the ambassadors of Starbucks “New Strong” regional campaign, where Cabral redefined what it’s like to be ‘strong’ by showcasing intricate typography structures using his signature papercut art technique. The same year, Cabral created detailed masterpieces of animals symbolic to the iconic coffee-growing regions, which are housed in Starbucks Reserve® store at SM North Towers in Quezon City.
Sharing what made him do another partnership with the global coffee brand, Patrick Cabral said, “I had a great experience with previous collaboration with Starbucks, so it was an easy decision. I also wanted to produce something more conventional for people who love my work. I feel that Starbucks is the perfect partner for that because I see the parallelism in our passions in creating things that would prompt a positive change in communities. After all, the goal of art is to be connected to the feelings of the people.”
Asked about his personal favorite among the collection, Cabral said, “I would have to say it’s the Stainless Steel Tumbler. I was quite nervous at how it would look when executed, but upon seeing the final result, I felt really happy.”
Get hold of the Starbucks x Patrick Cabral designer collaboration available in all Starbucks stores. For more information, visit the Starbucks Philippines official website at