Starbucks Supports Philippine Theater with Planner Promotion

Your prized Starbucks Planner not only helps you get through your daily activities, it also helps support performance arts through the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA).

“We recognize arts as one of the unique ways to help inspire positive change in a community and we’re proud to support and work with PETA in trying to achieve this goal,” said Noey Lopez, president, Starbucks Philippines.

Since 2004, a share of the proceeds from the planner promotion supports non-government organizations in their ways to help the Filipino people. PETA has been a recipient of this funding support from the planner since 2015 as the global coffee brand shares PETA’s commitment to arts and education.

“PETA has been about transforming lives through theater for the last 50 years. Through the plays we’ve shown, we have challenged our audiences to think, go beyond their comfort zones and reflect about themselves, their community and country. In the workshops we have conducted, we have harnessed the potential of the individual by developing their imagination, creativity and critical thinking, so that they can find solutions to problems and overcome difficulties,” shares PETA President, Cecilia B. Garrucho.

“Our partnership with Starbucks enabled us to allow public school students to watch our plays and for public school teachers especially in far flung areas to access our workshops on theater in education. Now more than ever is the time to gather together all those who believe in the power of theater to entertain, educate and transform lives,” Garrucho added.


PETA’s 50th anniversary line-up starts with the hit comedy musical, CAREDIVAS. A funny and poignant play about five transgender OFWs in Israel who work as caregivers in the morning and transform into glamorous drag queens at night. This award-winning play runs until March 19.

PETA will also stage the new children’s production Tagu-Taguan, Maliwanag ang Buwan on August 24 to September 24, a Betoit Brecht-original Ang Buhay ni Galileo on November 9 to 26 and a Martial Law themed play A Game of Trolls which will tour year-round all around the Philippines.

Also in celebration of its golden anniversary, PETA will bless its original home, the Rajah Sulayman Theater, have a Grand Alumni Homecoming and conduct the following: Workshop Express, an annual workshop for kids, teens and adults around the country, Festival of Windows, a gathering of local and international partners for a festival of ideas, and Living Voices, a glimpse of PETA’s most significant plays with live testimonies from PETA legends.