Starbucks Philippines, Teach for the Philippines Take Learning Outside the Classroom

Starbucks supports Teach for the Philippines’ FLIPPED program, a project which brings public school students on engaging educational field trips.

Not only do students find school field trips fun and exciting, these also help bridge the gap between theoretical learning and hands-on experience. Children are visual and experiential learners. As such, field trips provide students an opportunity to encounter and explore things that are not available inside the classroom.

Not-for-profit organization Teach for the Philippines (TFP) believes it is critical to expand students’ view of the world and to provide them with a perspective beyond the four walls of the classroom and barangay. TFP started its FLIPPED program three years ago, to bring public school students on learning excursions to world-class educational and professional facilities.

To date, TFP has sponsored trips to locations such as government and corporate offices, museums, and even a free-range chicken farm. These create interactive learning environments complementary to the TFP Teacher Fellows’ day-to-day work inside the classrooms.

Starbucks Philippines believes in having a positive impact on the communities it serves and sees that TFP reflects the same belief in its programs and efforts.

“We believe our collective effort will move the country closer to achieving education equity, that within our generation, every Filipino child will have access to the excellent and relevant education he or she deserves,” said Patricia Feria, a TFP Executive.

Every year since 2004, a portion of the proceeds from Starbucks Philippines’ planner promotion is set aside to support not-for-profit organizations whose work help improve the lives of individuals and communities all over the country. The Starbucks collaboration with TFP started in 2014, with several volunteer activities that have continued since.

“Creating social change in education necessitates working with multiple stakeholders, because it takes a village to raise a child. We are grateful to Starbucks for choosing us as their planner promotion beneficiary and for being a meaningful supporter of the organization,” ¬said Feria.

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