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Starbucks® Spring Season Blend

Starbucks® Spring Season Blend

Growing Region: Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific | Processing: Washed, Semi-washed, Natural

Acidity: Medium | Body: Full

Flavor: Dark cherry and spice

Complementary flavors: Chocolate, berries

Originally named Starbucks® Tribute Blend, this coffee combines four of our all-time favorite coffees: sun-dried Ethiopian beans offer an exotic flourish of dark cherry notes; Aged Sumatra delivering its beloved syrupy body and cedary spice notes; and balancing juicy bright citrus, with nutty, herbal and complex notes from Papua New Guinea and Colombia. A masterful blend of four distinct coffees from around the world, incorporating the qualities of each coffee growing region for which it is famous.

Spring blossoms. Their vibrant color and sweet aroma awaken something inside us. Optimism and a sense of renewal. We can’t think of a time of year better suited for this coffee.

Starbucks® Anniversary Blend – 50 years

Starbucks® Anniversary Blend - 50 Years

Growing Region: Asia Pacific | Processing: Washed and Semi-washed

Acidity: Low | Body: Full

Flavor: Bold and cedary spice

Complementary flavors: Cheese, chocolate

At Starbucks, milestones are often celebrated with coffee. First developed in 1996 to commemorate our 25th anniversary, Anniversary Blend returns every year as beloved as ever by partners and customers. Full-bodied, robust and undeniably bold, this coffee is a testament to the past and a celebration of the future. Also, each year, the siren is the star of the coffee bag because she celebrates Starbucks and what we are all about.

This 50th year, we present a bold blend, an annual favorite sourced exclusively from Indonesia – the esteemed coffee-growing region that has inspired us since our first day. Aromatic notes of smoked cedar and allspice create an intense yet elegant cup, complemented by lingering accents of black truffle and fresh tarragon. In celebration and gratitude, this commemorative coffee is our thanks to you.