Starbucks Featured Coffees

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Starbucks® Single-Origin Nicaragua

Starbucks® Single-Origin Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a splendid coffee origin located in the heart of Central America. Here, coffee thrives in a landscape defined by 19 volcanos. This is the first time we’ve featured a coffee from Nicaragua as a single-origin coffee outside of Starbucks Reserve. We are so excited to be able to share the flavors of the region with more partners and customers. 

Notes of honeydew and toasted pecan

Starbucks® Guatemala Casi Cielo Antigua

Starbucks® Guatemala Casi Cielo Antigua

Straight from select farms in Guatemala’s high-altitude, volcanic Antigua region, Guatemala Casi Cielo represents our finest possible expression of one of our most-beloved coffee origins. Harvested just once a year, this coffee – both bright and smooth with lemon and dark cocoa notes – is not to be missed.

Notes of bright Meyer lemon and cocoa nib