Citrus & Dark Cocoa
Our tribute to coffee history.

The Story of Ethiopia Single-Origin
On the ancient slopes flanking Africa’s Great Rift Valley, coffee trees first emerged from the rich, volcanic soil. From these ninth-century highlands, arabica coffee beans began their long journey from Ethiopia to the rest of the world. Today our master roasters have created an entirely new way to experience these treasured beans. An exquisite blend with a reverence for the ritual of coffee, honoring Ethiopia’s bountiful legacy. With a velvety soft texture and floral, peppery spice notes, this is our tribute to the birthplace of coffee.

Body: Medium
Acidity: High
Processing: Washed

Is your coffee in the grocery stores the same as the coffee in your stores?
Absolutely—only the packaging is different. This is so you can easily find your Starbucks favorites in the coffee aisle.

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  • Whole Bean

Tasting Notes:

Soft and velvety with notes of dark chocolate, peppery spice and sweet citrus.
Balanced, smooth and rich.