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Starbucks Reserve® Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Village

Starbucks Reserve® Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Village

Growing Region: Asia Pacific | Processing: Semi-washed

Acidity: Medium | Body: Medium

Flavor: Leaf tobacco and nut-toned chocolate

Complementary flavors: Savory pastry, fresh herbs, milk chocolate

Sulawesi is the oldest island within the Indonesian archipelago, and this coffee is produced with the traditional method by the Toraja people in the lush, rainy and mountainous Toraja Highland of Sulawesi. Their techniques stretch back centuries. Growers pick coffee cherries from small plots of land, remove the outer layer, and allow the beans to dry on woven mats. Processing coffee in this way – using a wet-hulled method - is a celebrated tradition ideally suited to the area’s climate and humidity. The result is a cup that shines with notes of chocolate and a delicate sweetness.