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Rwanda Abakundakawa

Starbucks Reserve® Rwanda Abakundakawa

Growing Region: Africa | Processing: Washed

Acidity: Medium | Body: Medium

Flavor: Tangerine zest and graham cracker 

Complementary Flavors: Orange, cinnamon, honey

“We who love coffee.” This is the meaning of Abakundakawa, serving as a powerful mantra driving the farmers of this co-op to make their mark in Rwanda—and the coffee world at large. With a membership that’s nearly half women—a true rarity in the coffee world—this determined group lives up to its mission in various ways. Many of the women in the organization hold leadership roles, with their exemplary management culminating in awardwinning coffees. From roasting and sampling on-site, to reinvesting income into school fees and community support, to moving toward fully organic processing methods, their pioneering ways produce a gorgeous coffee and an exceptional example. It is our fifth year offering Abakundakawa, and we are thrilled to witness the success of this remarkable group.

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Village

Starbucks Reserve® Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Village

Growing Region: Asia Pacific | Processing: Semi-washed

Acidity: Medium | Body: Medium

Flavor: Sweet and syrupy

Complementary Flavors: Savory pastry, fresh herbs, orange

Sulawesi is the oldest island within the Indonesian archipelago. The mountainous region of its southern highlands is home to ridges that tower over rice paddies, valleys veiled with mist and an indigenous population whose culture is steeped in the art and craft of coffee. Their techniques stretch back centuries. Growers pick coffee cherries from small plots of land, remove the outer layer and allow the beans to dry on woven mats. Processing coffee in this way—using a wet-hulled method—is a celebrated tradition ideally suited to the area’s climate and humidity. The result is a cup that shines with notes of cedar, sage and a delicate sweetness.

East Timor Peaberry

Starbucks Reserve® East Timor Peaberry

Growing Region: Asia Pacific | Processing: Washed

Acidity: Low | Body: Medium

Flavor: Dark chocolate and woodsy spice 

Complementary Flavors: Citrus, dark chocolate, fresh herbs

Located off Australia’s northern coast, the mountainous island nation of East Timor is dotted with tiny coffee farms. Here Cooperative Café Timor—a Fairtrade certified cooperative—plays a pivotal role in empowering a community of more than 20,000 small-scale farmers. Amid difficult terrain and a lack of resources, CCT provides the farmers with best-practices training and assists in the collection, transport and processing of their coffee crops. With over 3,000 workers devoted to this effort and over 30 medical clinics established to serve the community, the cooperative is a testament to the belief that stronger communities grow exceptional coffee. This peaberry lot is a prime example: nuanced, sweet and extraordinary.