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Vietnam Da Lat

Starbucks Reserve® Vietnam Da Lat

Growing Region: Asia Pacific | Processing: Washed

Acidity: Medium | Body: Medium

Flavor: Toffee and cocoa

Complementary flavors: Toffee, Shortbread, Vanilla 

Da Lat is a city in the mountainous Central Highlands of Vietnam. Here, volcanic soil is dotted with pine forests, coffee farms, and tea gardens. The mild, temperate weather of Da Lat contrasts the more tropical weather found in the rest of the country. These unique weather conditions cause an almost year-round mist in the valley, earning Da Lat to be named as “The City of Eternal Spring”.

Coffee grows easily in this beautiful and remote region, but transportation is significantly more difficult. Farmers typically rely on small motorbikes to drive large loads of freshly picked coffee cherries to buying stations. Their commitment pays off, culminating in a coffee representing the perfect marriage of place and persistence, nature and ambition.

Costa Rica La Preserva

Starbucks Reserve® Honey-Processed Costa Rica La Preserva

Growing Region: Latin America | Processing: Honey

Acidity: Medium | Body: Medium

Flavor: Raspberry and honey 

Complementary flavors: Milk chocolate, cinnamon, fresh berries

This Costa Rican coffee was processed using the honey method, producing an intense sweetness in the cup - perfect for any customer, no matter where they are on their coffee journey. This is also fantastic on all our favorite brewing methods.

There’s sweetness to this coffee as it was processed using a celebrated, labor-intensive system known as honey-processing. Coffee cherries are skinned and de-pulped but their sticky, honey-like layer of mucilage is left intact. Farmers diligently tend the drying beds, turning the beans continuously to prevent from sticking. As the beans dry, the honey sets. A sugary flavor penetrates the parchment and silver skin, ultimately influencing the sweetness of the beans. Beyond their dedication to processing, the farmers behind this coffee are also committed to their environment and the preservation of endangered jaguars that share the land with them.