Starbucks Reserve® Coffees

Sharing Our Rarest Small-Lot Coffees

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Peru Amazonas Huambo

Starbucks Reserve® Peru Amazonas Huambo

Growing Region: Latin America | Processing: Washed

Acidity: High | Body: Light

Flavor: Morello cherry and toffee

Complementary Flavors: Dark chocolate, caramel and orange

Between the towering mountain ranges and river-crossed valleys of Perú lie the lush rainforests of the Amazonas region. The jungles abound with extraordinary biological diversity—from the tiny Loddigesia mirabilis hummingbird to the impressive spectacled bear. Local farmers make the most of the fertile landscape by nurturing coffee plants beneath the shady canopy of mature Guava trees. The delicate techniques required to farm in a verdant, yet ecologically sensitive area showcase their dedication and skill. Perfected by this year’s ideal mix of warm sun and tropical rains, these rare beans are a celebration of their unique environment. Each sip unfolds with bright flavors of tart cherry and a sweet toffee finish.

Tanzania Muriba

Starbucks Reserve® Tanzania Muriba

Growing Region: Africa | Processing: Washed

Acidity: High | Body: Medium

Flavor: Lemon and grapefruit

Complementary Flavors: Fresh citrus and cocoa nibs

The Tarime district is known for its rich rural landscape, nestled between the plains of the Serengeti and Lake Victoria in northern Tanzania. Due to its remote location, access to water can prove difficult, leading most local coffee farmers to process their beans using traditional sundrying methods. A local co-op sought to showcase all that the area’s coffee could offer and recently installed a washing station in the small town of Muriba. Farmers began delivering coffee cherries to the Muriba wet mill for processing, successfully producing this new coffee that tastes delightfully clean and bright, with essences of fruit and delicate tea notes—a floral and elegant cup.

Christmas 2018

Starbucks Reserve® Christmas 2018

Growing Region: Latin America and Asia Pacific | Processing: Washed and Semi-washed

Acidity: Low | Body: Medium

Flavor: Woodsy aromas and mulled spice

Complementary Flavors: Maple, cheese and cloves

Starbucks Reserve® is the name we give to rare and remarkable coffees. This holiday season, we’re blending two of them to create an unforgettable cup. Carrying on the Starbucks Reserve® Christmas tradition, this year’s blend joins two extremely limited coffees: Hacienda Alsacia™, grown at our very own farm in Costa Rica, and hand-selected aged Sumatra. Both are exceptional in their own right, and both are roasted artfully at our Starbucks Reserve® Roastery in Seattle. Our master blenders have forged a vibrant, modern expression of the holiday—with savory spice notes and sweet brightness, it is the gift of extraordinary flavor, a celebration of all the season’s beauty.

Peru El Lirio

Starbucks Reserve® Peru El Lirio

Growing Region: Latin America | Processing: Washed

Acidity: Medium | Body: Medium

Flavor: Cocoa and toffee

Complementary Flavors: Milk chocolate, praline and caramel

Home is where the heart is for Omar Banda. Born and raised in Peru, he left his hometown, studied agronomy and returned to invest in his beloved El Lirio. Establishing his farm as a showcase, Omar shared his knowledge, helped improve quality and productivity, and built partnerships and trust with a community of local smallholder farmers— cultivating respect in the Peruvian specialty coffee market. Harvested in high altitude with an abundance of flora, these beans can take days to transport from this remote place. El lirio means “lily” in Spanish, and this exquisite, aromatic coffee is an ode to beauty and returning home.

Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm

Starbucks Reserve® Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Farm

Growing Region: Africa | Processing: Washed

Acidity: High | Body: Medium

Flavor: Floral and citrus

Complementary Flavors: Lemon, nougat, thyme, marzipan

Ethiopian coffee from a single farm is a rarity. So it is with excitement that we share our third offering from Kayon Mountain Farm. Kayon translates to “goal,” a mantra for these extraordinarily driven farmers who take great care in the name of remarkable coffee. They employ extensive pruning and use half of their land for shade trees. Managing each and every step of the coffee’s journey, their passion shows throughout the process—all the way to directly exporting, which allows them to ensure their vision for each cup. With flavors of lavender and lemon, this one is no exception. A testament to the power of ambition.

Tanzania Mount Meru

Starbucks Reserve® Tanzania Mount Meru

Growing Region: Africa | Processing: Natural

Acidity: High | Body: Medium

Flavor: Berries and spice

Complementary Flavors: Dark chocolate, berry jam and orange

Like a song, some coffees soothe. Others stun. This sun-dried lot from the fertile slopes of Mt. Meru is in the latter camp. Its flavor—rich, robust, darkly sweet—is the stuff of epiphanies. Long before it reaches our cups, coffee is a tropical shrub whose seeds are our beloved beans. When the freshly picked, ripe red fruit is allowed to dry in the sun— in this case, for up to three weeks—the result is a coffee bursting with flavor. For the uninitiated and the enthusiast alike, this intoxicating intensity marks an unforgettable experience. Fig, grape, dark chocolate, ripe cherry, raspberry: the nuances you might detect are nearly limitless.

Hawaii Kau

Starbucks Reserve® Hawaii Ka'u

Growing Region: Asia Pacific | Processing: Washed

Acidity: Medium | Body: Medium

Flavor: Almond and milk chocolate

Complementary Flavors: Toasted coconut, milk chocolate and caramel

The south side of the Big Island is home to the remote district of Kaʻu. After the last sugar plantation closed in 1996, farmers looked to coffee as a new source of livelihood. Despite ideal growing conditions, they initially struggled to step out of the shadow of their well-established neighbor, Kona. The tide shifted in 2007 when two Kaʻu coffees placed in the top ten at a global cupping competition. Inspired by the results, local advocate Chris Manfredi hired agronomists and consultants to help small-scale farms succeed. Eleven years and many more awards later. Hawaii Kaʻu is a coveted micro-origin with a thriving coffee community.