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Tanzania Iloma

Starbucks Reserve® Tanzania Iloma

Growing Region: Africa | Processing: Washed

Acidity: Medium | Body: Low

Flavor: Lemon and brown sugar

Complementary Flavors: Citrus, berries, vanilla

Grown at an unusually high altitude for Southern Tanzania and surrounded by rich natural resources, this exceptional Iloma cup has complex and distinct flavors. Some of the farms reach the upper limits of where to grow Arabica beans in the area. As growing altitudes increase, the coffee cherries take longer to mature. The result is well worth the time, revealing an exquisite coffee with lemony brilliance balanced by sweet notes – the hallmark of its distinctive origin. This lot is formed from high quality coffee grown by almost 400 farmers from five villages (Mafumbo, Ilomba, Idiwili, Idunda, Ululu) in the Mbozi District of Southern Tanzania. The name Iloma was created by combining the names of the two largest villages where the farmers live: ILOmba and MAfumbo.

Christmas 2019 Reserve

Starbucks Reserve® Christmas 2019

Growing Region: Africa | Processing: Washed and Semi-washed

Acidity: Medium | Body: Medium

Flavor: Citrus and savory

Complementary Flavors: Maple, cheese and cloves

Starbucks Reserve® Christmas is a festive blend of two of our most cherished coffees: a semi-washed aged Sumatra and a fully washed coffee from our own farm in Costa Rica, Hacienda Alsacia. Both of these single-origin coffees are rich in Starbucks history and partner pride. When masterfully blended together, they create an exceptional flavor that pairs with the season of joy. Hacienda Alsacia resounds with hints of bright citrus. Hand-selected aged Sumatra hums with notes of earthy, aromatic spice. With artistry and craft, they are woven together into a symphony of nuanced flavors. Every sip is an invitation to revel in the beauty of the holiday.