This year, we bring life to the stories behind our brand through four (4) Philippine-exclusive designs, with features you'll surely love.

The 2021 Planner brings Starbucks icons to life.

2021 Starbucks Planners

Planner Video
Starbucks shares the tradition of great coffee through the iconic Siren, sharing its best tasting coffee – from sourcing and roasting to how it is brewed and served. Through the Siren (Green) Planner, we offer our customers that familiar warm and friendly face that’s recognizably Starbucks. 

Teavana™ is inspired by tea traditions and rituals from many cultures – not just one or two – and puts a fun, modern, Western spin on tea-drinking. We offer our customers a refreshing, vibrant and youthful personality to relate to through our Teavana™ Youthberry Planner.
Planner 1
The iconic Siren comes to life with the debossed Siren Logo and Siren Tail on the covers.
Planner 2
The pages inside are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified so you know you’re writing on eco-friendly papers.
Planner 3
Exciting treats await for you — all-year long!
Planner 4
Includes a Monthly Calendar View so you can take a quick look at your schedules and appointments.
Planner 5
Who doesn’t want a spacious Weekly Calendar View with all the extra writing space?

2021 Starbucks Organizers

Organizer Video
The Starbucks Frappuccino® inspires us to freely express our most authentic selves. It’s your personal invitation to the fun house, where everything and anything is possible. We offer the Starbucks Frappuccino® Organizer to our customers who always welcome the idea of indulging, who give into the fun and colorful side of life.

Our exquisite coffees are the heart and soul of Starbucks Reserve®. Through our rare coffees and different beverage platforms, we highlight our commitment to pursuing coffee craft and innovation to ensure we are at the forefront of customer experience. Similar to the premium coffee lineup, the Starbucks Reserve Organizer offers a classic yet minimalistic elevated feel for our customers.
Organizer 1
Choose between the Frappuccino Line Art and Starbucks Reserve® Logo. Or why not get both?
Organizer 2
Pages inside are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified as well so you know you’re writing on eco-friendly papers.
Organizer 3
Exciting treats await for you — all-year long!
Organizer 4
A handle on the pouch for easier hold.
Organizer 5
Double pocket that is complemented by a premium zipper pull. Nice.
Organizer 6
Organize away with all the pockets inside!
Organizer 7
We know it’s going to be a busy year so we added more writing space just for you.
Organizer 8
Dotted papers to help you write, draw, plan, and manage your to-do lists!