Commited to Clean Water Access for Communities.

Starbucks supports Planet Water on providing clean drinking water access and hygiene education in the most impoverished places.

Planet Water
In partnership with The Starbucks Foundation and Planet Water Foundation, Starbucks sponsored an AquaTower to help provide clean water to Talangka Elementary School in Laguna. In the community, water is provided for only a few hours each day because of the rotating schedule in the village. Safe drinking water is available in bottles but is unaffordable for many residents. Those who cannot afford bottled water get their drinking water from springs and deep wells.

The AquaTower system supports the daily drinking water requirements of up to 1,800 people per day. Since 2015, Project 24 is Planet Water Foundation’s World Water Day advocacy and engagement platform the focuses on the world’s critical need to bring an end to water poverty.

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